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Industry Overview

The 4,200 RV parks and campgrounds in the US provide sites to accommodate campers and camping equipment, including tents and trailers. Major revenue categories include fees for RV and tent sites and room or unit accommodations. Other sources of revenue include meals, snacks, and beverages; membership fees and dues; other rental fees; and groceries.


Sales can be highly seasonal, depending on market-specific dynamics and weather conditions.

Dependence On RV Ownership

RV ownership trends can affect sales for the RV park industry.

Industry size & Structure

The average RV park and campground company operates out of a single location, employs 12-13 workers, and generates about $1-2 million annually.

    • The RV park and campground industry consists of about 4,200 firms that operate 4,500 establishments, employ about 55,000 workers and generate about $7 billion annually.
    • The industry is fragmented; the top 50 companies account for 27% of industry revenue.
    • The industry includes chains, franchises, and independent operators.
    • Commercial parks and campgrounds are privately-owned. Public facilities are owned by government entities, such as the National Park Service and USDA National Forest Services.
    • Large companies include KOA (Kampgrounds of America) and Thousand Trails.
                              Industry Forecast
                              RV Parks and Campgrounds Industry Growth

                              Coronavirus Update

                              Nov 23, 2021 - International Land Travel Restrictions Terminated
                              • RV parks and campgrounds are expecting more Canadian visitors now that the US has reopened its borders to nonessential land travel. Fully-vaccinated Canadians are allowed to cross the US land border for such purposes as tourism or family visits. Arizona’s Office of Tourism, for example, says that close to 1 million Canadian tourists accounted for $1 billion in spending in 2019. That plunged to 257,000 Canadians who spent $325 million in 2020.
                              • Many RV parks and campgrounds are regularly full to capacity as residential building rents and housing prices increase due largely to the coronavirus pandemic and more people resort to moving into their RVs. The Boise Riverside RV Park in Idaho, for example, has 200 applications from people wanting to park there. “The demand has doubled or tripled,” park employee Nanette Wilson said. “We are full every night. Most of the park’s month-to-month residents are people who can’t afford a house or apartment.” Natalie Sandoval, homeless education liaison for the Nampa (IA) School District, said many Nampa families who were facing homelessness bought RVs or campers with their stimulus checks.
                              • M32 Development Group hopes to capitalize on the pandemic-driven increase in RV demand by building a luxury RV park development in Michigan. The group has contracts on two parcels of land behind an apartment complex where it wants to build a development that has spaces with hookups for large motorhomes, a clubhouse with a pool, and recreational facilities including tennis courts and horseshoe pits. "We want to combine that with commercial and retail development that could include a gas station, convenience store, perhaps a pizza shop and even an outlet that sells campground supplies," a company official said. Analysts note that RVs are very popular in the spring, summer and fall but not so much in the winter. The project will include cabin rentals to counter the seasonal nature of the RV sector.
                              • More than 53,000 new RV sites will be constructed across the US in 2021, according to The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds. Florida will get the most facilities, followed by Texas. Pandemic-driven interest in RV camping is a major driver of facility construction.
                              • Florida is seeing the most growth in terms of new RV parks, according to the state Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds. Florida is benefiting from the pandemic-driven shift in the perception of RV parks and campgrounds from last-resort facilities to desirable destinations, some of which offer elite retirement community or family-style amenities such as Olympic-size pools, elaborate community centers, and sports facilities. "Now you can live in a gated (park) with a group of people that have basically become family," said Association president and CEO Bobby Cornwell.
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