Resources to help SMB Advisors

8 Ways to Use Industry Intelligence to Grow Your Accounting Firm

Accounting Marketers are consistently being asked to do more with less. However, it is critical to to be viewed as an integral member of the leadership team to help your firm grow. This eBook discusses 8 ways  incorporating Industry Intelligence into your marketing strategy and tactics can grow your accounting firm.

Help Clients Understand the Impact of COVID-19 on Their Industry

Vertical IQ has developed a free resource providing reliable information on 330+ industries and 12 economic segments as they relate to COVID-19 and the resulting impacts. This industry intelligence can help you provide better advice and guidance to your clients as they navigate through this challenging time. The insights you gain by understanding these impacts can help you advise your business owner-clients on a revised tax strategy. Perhaps that means changing withholdings or suggesting clients up their IRA contributions. Or maybe their business needs to consider an adjustment to their payables and receivables policy to help them weather this storm.

We encourage your to integrate this COVID-19 content into your communications, tailoring them to your client’s particular industry.