Vertical IQ’s cofounders are former financial professionals, so we understand what it’s like to be in the trenches. We’ve learned that Vertical IQ users are busy professionals, and the reality is that they often don’t have the time to research and read an entire industry-related paper to prepare for a client or prospect meeting.

In order to best help our busy customers, we have to design the most efficient, practical way possible to prepare for meetings—writing and organizing industry-specific information that is digestible, quick, and to-the-point. And this is why we decided to build a Vertical IQ mobile app for both iPhone and Android that’s free to all of our customers.

Now it’s even easier to access Vertical IQ’s industry insights on the go, allowing you to offer clients and prospects the latest industry-specific news and pertinent advice. The app gives you access to all of our 350+ Industry Profiles, each including 10 key chapters, as well as a new tool: a short “Big Picture Video,” which is already getting high marks from users. In fact, one pilot app user said the new Big Picture Video was their “favorite feature to utilize because it allows me to quickly visualize the business, gain insight, and be ready to talk about points of their industry.”

Call prep anytime, anywhere

As a busy professional, you aren’t always sitting at your desk, so the Vertical IQ app lets you easily access industry information no matter where you are. Consider these typical scenarios for when you might want to use the Vertical IQ app for pre-call preparation.

  • In the parking lot before you walk into the meeting with the owner of an oil and gas wholesaler.
  • In the subway or bus on the way to work when you have a 9:00 conference call with a plastics manufacturer.
  • Killing time while waiting in line at the coffee shop before your meeting with a physician practice.
  • Waiting in the school carpool line to prep for a meeting first thing in the morning with a HVAC/plumbing contractor.
  • And many, many others…

Despite the ease of use, we were very careful to include within the app a majority of the content we currently offer on the full platform, but just in an easy to access manner. One app pilot user noted, “I like that there is a full directory of information available that mimics the desktop version and is easy to navigate. All thumbs up from me!”

Download and get started!

If you already have access to Vertical IQ, getting started is easy-peezy. You can download and access our easy-to-use Vertical IQ app today. He’s how:

  1. Delete any previous Vertical IQ icon on your phone.
  2. Search “Vertical IQ” in iPhone’s App Store or Android’s Google Play Store.
  3. Apple users, select “Get,” and Android users, select “Install.”
  4. Select “Open.”
  5. Use your bank email address and Vertical IQ password to log into the app.

Voila! Now you’re ready to find the industry you’re interested in by name, NAICS/SIC code, or access your saved Favorites.

Having trouble with the Vertical IQ app?

We’re here to help! Just log into the desktop version of Vertical IQ, and click the orange “Feedback & Support” button at the bottom of the page to contact us with your question or issue.

>> Pro tip: Trouble with video sound? Make sure your phone is not set to silent.

Ready to get access to information on over 400 industries?

Spending just 5 minutes reviewing the desktop or app version of the Industry Profile for your client’s or prospect’s industry will provide you with invaluable insights into their business — their opportunities as well as the issues that may be keeping them up at night. Contact us today for more information or for a demo!