As a client success manager, I love talking with people about ways to get the most out of Vertical IQ. Earlier this week, I was speaking with one of my banking clients, who mentioned that they view Vertical IQ as an “arrow” in the quiver of tools they use to be successful in their pursuit of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 

I loved this analogy, and it got me thinking about how professionals who are calling on SMB prospects can use those arrows to hit their mark by doing their research prior to a call. Here’s a step-by-step method for using the arrows in your quiver for calling success.

5 arrows in your prospecting quiver

  1. Review the prospect’s website.
    Take a look at your prospect’s homepage and “about” section to learn what they do, which products they sell, and who their customers are. Explore the leadership team to better understand how they are structured.
  2. Check out their social media accounts.
    Review the social media posts that the company is creating on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn, and follow them. This will give you more insights into who they are, their products, and the customers they are marketing to. Also be sure to look at the LinkedIn profiles for their leaders and make connections with them using a personalized introduction email.
  3. Look at industry association websites and publications.
    Learn more about the prospect’s industry by visiting the websites of their trade associations, as well as any industry-focused publications. This will help you understand some of the latest trends within the sector. If you are able, attend a trade association networking event.
  4. Use a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.
    Consistently using a CRM, such as Salesforce, can be a helpful way to stay organized. Take notes on your meetings and client touchpoints. Set up tasks and reminders to use Vertical IQ deliverables like news articles and Quarterly Insights.
  5. Understand their industry.
    Shameless plug coming…Of course this is where Vertical IQ customers have the edge. Our solution provides critical information to help you “get smart” about your prospect’s industry. It offers details on industry trends,  challenges, and potential risks. You also can find Call Prep Questions to ensure you can have an engaging conversation with the prospect. The more you know about their business, the more valuable the conversation. Or share an article from the News section as an insightful leave behind.

Get the most out of your prospecting tools

With the right arrows in your quiver, hitting the mark with your target SMB prospects can be much simpler. Follow the five steps above to learn the ins and outs of the prospect’s business and their industry. By doing so, you will be able to speak with them about what matters most, and provide them with tailored solutions to solve their business challenges. Bullseye!

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