I’m continually amazed by what you can do with new technology, applications, digital solutions, and system integrations in banking and beyond. But I’ve discovered that, for some business bankers, high-tech is becoming problematic. Today, next-gen business customers want high-tech banking options, and it’s time to get on board unless you want to get beat out by a banking bot. 

All of those brand new banking apps, chatbots, and next-gen FinTechs are giving traditional business bankers a run for their money. Literally. Customers, particularly Millennials, are flocking to banking apps like Chime, Venmo, and PayPal. They don’t want to deal with people when making transactions. Tech giants like Apple and Google are pressing in on the traditional banking industry. How are you supposed to compete against built-in predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI?  

I understand the fear that bots could replace human business bankers in the near future. But I don’t believe it. This may be the battle of the century, but business bankers shouldn’t just give up. They should use all of the tools they have at their disposal to compete against technology. That’s why we’ve put together a brand new eBook that lays out the 5 Ways Business Bankers Win in the Age of FinTech & AI

Right now is a great time to rethink how you are doing business and how to change for the better in 2020. Are you properly preparing and positioning yourself as a business advisor with all of your clients? Are you delivering valuable ideas to your customers that technology cannot? If you’re not sure, dive into this eBook. It will show you exactly how to: 

  • Properly prepare for meetings in 20 minutes: Save time and deliver the strategic insight business owners and professionals need (which most banking apps and bots lack).
  • Create collaborative banking relationships: Ask questions. Then, be quiet, listen, and learn from your customers. That’s business acumen no banking bot can match. Truly listening to a client’s core challenges allows you to position your banking products as solutions and services that will solve their specific problems. 
  • Act as their CFO: Bypass the bots by communicating bigger-picture strategic financial advice. You can also use data storytelling to illustrate how your customers can use the data you provide for a more profitable financial future. 
  • Become an industry specialist: Focus in on 2-5 specific industry verticals, depending on time constraints, then deliver industry intelligence and business-specific information that really matters to your customers rather than just general banking advice. 
  • Provide an incredible customer experience: Business bankers have a clear edge over any and all banking bots here. Plus, business bankers who deliver better customer service are seeing 46 percent more compound annual deposits. 

The thing I like best about this eBook is that it gets specific. It’s packed with expert research, checklists, time-saving equations, and real-world examples. It includes sample industry-specific questions you can use to connect with your clients and set yourself and your bank apart from digital-only banking services.

The simple fact is, real intelligence is much more impressive than artificial intelligence when it’s delivered with context, care, and a plan of action. Consider 5 Ways Business Bankers Win in the Age of FinTech & AI to be your plan of action in 2020, so you can beat the bots by working collaboratively with customers as a true trusted advisor. 

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