Our eBook, Ace Your Sales and Marketing With Industry Intelligence, is available now! This eBook walks you through the ins and outs of developing effective Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Account-Based Experience (ABX) strategies to grow relationships and win more business. This blog series, based on the eBook, details different aspects of this strategy – and how you can utilize Industry Intelligence to implement each successfully. This is the final entry in this four-part series.

The school year has wrapped up, so it is time to wrap up our blog series on Ace Your Sales and Marketing with Industry Intelligence. So far, we have discussed how insights from the eBook can help you target the right opportunities to achieve growth. But perhaps the most important component to any successful business is retention:  We’ve all heard it — it’s cheaper to keep a customer than acquire a new one.

A big piece of retention — and one that is part of our process here at Vertical IQ — is the customer reviews, as we do both a mid-year and annual review. While the review is centered on the customer’s business, it specifically focuses on how your business is working together with their business to contribute to their success. Here are some CliffsNotes® on how Industry Intelligence can help you make the grade with your annual reviews; but of course, we think the full eBook is better.

>> Download our eBook, Ace Your Sales and Marketing with Industry Intelligence!

Adding value

In order to have an effective and meaningful annual review, you need to add value. Have you thought about asking questions such as:

    • What are the latest trends in their industry?
    • How is their industry risk rating shaping up?
    • How do their numbers stack up to their competitors?

It’s okay if you don’t know how to answer these questions yourself right now. Our eBook shows how you can use Industry Intelligence to answer these questions and become the trusted advisor your clients need and want.

Setting Goals

“Achieving success” cannot happen without first setting goals to be achieved. Business owners want to be top of their class! But they are busy, so they might need a super-smart study buddy to lend them a helping hand.

Sharing industry insights — including the latest trends and risks occurring within their industry, along with how you can help them — helps your clients build realistic goals. In Ace Your Sales and Marketing with Industry Intelligence, we share Industry Intelligence resources you can leverage to identify areas for growth and use them to help your client be the top in their class.

Expanding the Relationship

While you want to add value and help your clients set goals during the annual review, which helps you maintain the relationship, you also need to find ways to expand your relationship — true success for your business is achieved when your clients are able to get more out of your services.

In the review, take time to highlight the products and services you offer that can benefit the customer and help them increase their revenue and customer retention.

The Big Picture

While this blog series may have only been the CliffsNotes® on our Ace Your Sales and Marketing with Industry Intelligence eBook, we hope it’s provided enough insight to help you earn top marks with your clients.

Industry Intelligence, like you’ll find on Vertical IQ, gives you and your team the expert insights needed to channel your collective brainpower into A+ sales and marketing initiatives that are personalized to add value and focus on client success.

>> Download the eBook, Ace Your Sales and Marketing With Industry Intelligence, to see how Industry Intelligence can bolster your reviews and sustain enduring relationships!

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