In our recent ebook, Unlock Sales Readiness: Advice from the Experts, Banking Edition, we talked with six experienced bankers who have seen increased sales success by using Industry Intelligence from Vertical IQ. Let’s meet one of those banking experts…

Business banking relationships are crucial to the success of banks like Cambridge Savings Bank in Massachusetts. But to win a deal with a small business, notes Carol Sexton, Senior Vice President and Head of Retail Banking at Cambridge Savings, you must first earn the trust of that business owner.

Q: Why do you believe that building trust is so integral to client relationship development?

Carol Sexton: Our primary goal is to develop connections with our customers, and this is particularly vital when it comes to our small business customers. To truly assist them, we need to understand them, their business, their goals, and what is happening in their industry. Armed with this knowledge, we are better equipped to guide and support them effectively. By prioritizing this understanding, we cultivate trust and lasting relationships.

Q: You’ve also noted the importance of Sales Readiness for nurturing those relationships. What does Sales Readiness mean to you?

Carol Sexton: Sales Readiness entails a dedicated focus on the art of conversation. While our products are essential aspects of these dialogues, the core of our approach centers on the quality of our interactions. This involves asking open-ended and clarifying questions, actively listening, and meticulously documenting insights to ensure a comprehensive grasp of our customers’ needs and desires. Maintaining ongoing communication and follow-up solidifies our position as their trusted point of contact.

Q: How do you use Sales Readiness to connect with business customers on a deeper, more personal level?

Carol Sexton: Demonstrating genuine care is another facet of Sales Readiness that we hold in high regard. Trust, the foundation of strong relationships, hinges on our sincere concern for our customers and their businesses. By showing that we’ve invested time in understanding their operations before diving into their banking requirements, we can lead conversations with genuine empathy and provide tangible value. Becoming their single point of contact for all banking needs and consistently delivering on promises reinforces our reliability as their business partner.

Q: How does Sales Readiness translate to your internal bank processes and your team’s collaborative approach?

Carol Sexton: Leading by example is integral to our approach, recognizing that our people are our bank’s greatest assets. To foster a successful team, we ensure they grasp the ‘why’ behind our actions. We encourage open communication, actively seek input from our team members, and personally engage with them, as do all our bank leaders. Our commitment extends to direct customer engagement, enabling us to glean firsthand insights into their concerns and questions. We also maintain a strong focus on ensuring consistent messaging across all bank representatives, thus bolstering our collective efforts to serve our customers. This approach is fundamental to our commitment to Sales Readiness and its pivotal role in our ongoing success.

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