Industry Intelligence for the Modern Advisor

Grow your client base and increase satisfaction through our 500+ industry reports and step-by-step approach to industry specialization. Advisors of all types leverage Vertical IQ to:

Prepare for Client Meetings

Save time becoming an expert by quickly getting up-to-speed on key facts, financial and valuation data, industry news, trends, and more.

Demonstrate Knowledge and Expertise

Offer clients deeper conversations through learning about how their business competes and sets itself apart.

Discover New Industry Specialties

Expand your firm’s expertise by researching and learning the ins and outs of new markets — whether it’s with restaurants, real estate, manufacturing, or others.

Satisfy Regulation Requirements

Incorporate external research into business valuations, audits, presentations, and other documents.

“I have used Vertical IQ now for 2 years, and find it to be very helpful in preparing for meetings. The content is well received by our clients, and is very easy to navigate. It has allowed me to increase my knowledge and leverage it with the clients needs. The staff is very helpful in making sure we have everything we need and is fully engaged.”

Vincent Mastrovito, Certified Exit Planning Advisor at Prometis Partners

Why All Types of CPAs & Advisors Love Vertical IQ

Business Development

Saves time with a vital tool transitioning from task-based relationships to trust-based advising.


Provides relevant, industry-specific information for websites, campaigns, presentations, and collateral.

Business Valuators

Equips business valuators with the external information needed to suffice regulation requirements


Reinforces your firm’s brand reputation through expanding knowledge and credibility with current and future clients.

Junior Associates

Helps new associates gain confidence and credibility in your industry focus areas while still having time to maintain everything else in the office environment.


Understand the risks, trends, cash flow, and financial challenges inherent to partnering with niche businesses of all types.

CPAs must invest time in learning about business, what’s important to business owners, and what drives the business.

Louis Biscotti, CPA, CITP, Marcum LLP