pexels-kaboompics-com-6335_ Industry-Focused News man reading news on tabletWith today’s 24-hour news cycle, you have the latest news headlines thrust upon you nearly everywhere you turn. It’s on your phone, in your social media feed, interrupting your favorite TV show, in your email, and even in your driveway (if you subscribe to a newspaper)! But how much of that news is actually of interest to you, and how much of it goes straight to your recycle bin (virtual or the one in your kitchen)?

The issue with all of those news alerts is that they typically are written for and sent out to a mass audience composed of all kinds of people with diverse interests. They are not customized to your personal preferences. But every now and again, one of those news alerts grabs your attention: It is an article about a topic that is of great interest to you. It’s news you can actually use!

This is the concept behind industry-focused news — a key component of some Industry Intelligence platforms. Industry-focused news offers the latest updates on a particular industry: a hot new trend occurring within the industry, an emerging risk that businesses tied to that industry may need to consider, a new player entering the market. That’s why industry-focused news has value to both you and your clients and prospects.

News you and your client/prospect can use

Clients and prospects say again and again that it is important for their third-party business partners to understand their business. In fact, according to research by RAIN Group, 92 percent of buyers say the factor that most influences their ultimate purchase decision is the provider’s ability to offer valuable industry insights.

Among other things, these insights can include knowing the latest happenings within the buyer’s industry. That’s why industry news has value to you and your client or prospect throughout the buyer’s cycle. Using industry-focused news, you can:

  • Identify new target markets. Stay on top of the latest industry headlines to zero in on potential new niches and beat the competition to emerging markets.
  • Tailor your marketing efforts. Incorporate ideas from timely industry news articles to customize your presentations, pitches, social posts, and website.
  • Educate yourself. Work the latest industry challenges and opportunities into conversations and other client/prospect touchpoints.
  • Build loyalty. Remain top of mind and show your value as an advisor by sharing articles on topics that might impact the client’s or prospect’s business.

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Whichever of these tactics you add into your toolkit, clients or prospects will recognize that you have provided something of value to them and their business, setting you apart from the competition. Clients may even come to rely upon you for such news, proving that you are an invaluable, trusted business partner.

Even more valuable industry-focused news

Incorporating industry-focused news into your sales and client management processes can be a big win for your clients/prospects, and in turn, a win for you. And Vertical IQ is the first and only Industry Intelligence company to make it even easier to access the latest industry news that business owners are clamoring for.

We recently incorporated data from Nexis NewsdeskTM — a top provider of news and media content — into Vertical IQ’s Industry News section for each Industry Profile. This change gives Vertical IQ subscribers access to a huge array of hand-picked industry news articles from highly respected trade journals and other news sources that are typically paywalled.

>> Learn more about Vertical IQ’s new Nexis NewsdeskTM implementation.

When you use these timely, relevant, high-quality articles from Nexis NewsdeskTM in conjunction with the rest of the Industry Profile content, you’ll boost your understanding of your client’s or prospect’s industry. And when you take the next step and integrate what you learn in those  articles into your communications with prospects/customers, you will increase engagement, build trust, and add value.

Now that’s news you (and your clients) can truly use!

Photo credit: Kaboompics .com from Pexels


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