Our new eBook, Ace Your Sales and Marketing With Industry Intelligence, is available now! This eBook walks you through the ins and outs of developing effective Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Account-Based Experience (ABX) strategies to grow relationships and win more business. This blog series, based on the eBook, details different aspects of this strategy – and how you can utilize Industry Intelligence to implement each successfully. This is the second entry in this four-part series.

In our previous entry for this series, we discussed how our eBook, Ace Your Sales and Marketing with Industry Intelligence, can assist in helping you implement an effective market sizing and planning strategy. So you’ve got the planning aspect down – but what about the content?

>> Download our new eBook, Ace Your Sales and Marketing with Industry Intelligence!

As the Content Marketing Manager at Vertical IQ, I know how critical developing the right content is to your company’s success. Timely, specific, and relevant content keeps your prospects engaged, it keeps your customers happy and close – and it also keeps advancing and reinforcing your brand and messaging.  So how is our eBook – and the Industry Intelligence it provides – able to lend a hand in your marketing content creation? How do you know you are sharing the right content?

Collateral and Website Copy

A cardinal rule of any collateral or website copy is that you want it to both look visually appealing and contain concise, compelling messaging.

Why is this important? Well, for one, good luck getting a prospect to read merely a page full of words, paragraphs, and nothing else. “Too much” is never a good thing when it comes to marketing. It’s all about delivering content and collateral that is easy-to-digest and pleasant to read. And – if done right – your copy will not only be SEO-friendly and drive site traffic, but it will also be great for nurturing relationships through actionable deliverables.

Although this can be accomplished by any organization on its own, the eBook takes an in-depth look at how you can transcend the bare minimum and use Industry Intelligence to enhance your website copy and marketing collateral. It even offers suggestions for effective content pieces – such as blog posts, eBooks, one-pagers, and case studies – that leverage the best of what Industry Intelligence has to offer. It will also show how you can tailor your messaging around customized solutions that will meet the needs of your prospects/customers – strengthening your audience pool and ultimately winning you more business.

Emails and Social Media

We’ve covered copy. But what about direct touches to your prospects/customers?

Most of us know that marketing email campaigns and cadences are designed to help you stay top-of-mind with prospects and customers, while social posts keep your audience in the know and help your brand stay relevant. You can offer specific calls-to-action (CTAs), address pain points and offer your solution, interact directly with prospects and customers – and that’s all important. But how do you maximize these digital touches? How can you turn an email or a post into a full-blown conversation – and better yet – a warm lead?

Ace Your Sales and Marketing with Industry Intelligence shows you how to do just that. It articulates how to use actionable, convenient, and focused industry insights within your messaging – insights that your prospects/customers value. This type of content gives you the “what” to say, and using it purposefully and strategically will heighten your chances to “wow” your audience from the start. The eBook also dives into some specific deliverables that may be worth sharing in email campaigns and across your social networks, ensuring that your messaging stands out from the competition.

The Bottom Line

It’s no secret that sharing the right information with your prospects and customers pays dividends in a unified ABM and ABX marketing strategy as well as in its content. And Ace Your Sales and Marketing with Industry Intelligence unlocks the door to leverage that information. Read the full eBook to learn more about how Industry Intelligence can help your marketing content go from “C” work to “A+”!

>> Download the eBook, Ace Your Sales and Marketing With Industry Intelligence, to see how Industry Intelligence can give your marketing content a boost!

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