Our eBook, Ace Your Sales and Marketing With Industry Intelligence, is available now! This eBook walks you through the ins and outs of developing effective Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Account-Based Experience (ABX) strategies to grow relationships and win more business. This blog series, based on the eBook, details different aspects of this strategy – and how you can utilize Industry Intelligence to implement each successfully. This is the third entry in this four-part series.

At this point in our blog series for our eBook, Ace Your Sales and Marketing with Industry Intelligence, we have shared how you can get the most out of planning and marketing campaigns by leveraging Industry Intelligence. Now that you have  some leads, what’s next? How can you ensure the actual touches with your prospects are fruitful, meaningful, and – ultimately – successful?

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There are three essential components to Sales that our eBook addresses – call sheets, pitchbooks/presentations, and proposals – and it takes a deep dive into each to ensure that you are connecting with your prospect and providing value at every turn.

Call Sheets

Call sheets are a sales professional’s best friend. They’re that go-to companion to rely on prior to meetings, especially when you’re in a pinch and need quick background information on your prospect.

But there’s a difference between a traditional call sheet and a prep sheet that includes Industry Intelligence.

Ace Your Sales and Marketing with Industry Intelligence goes into depth about how to make your call prep sheets sound like a seasoned industry expert. Setting goals for your call, asking a few questions, and learning common sales objections from someone isn’t nearly enough to “wow” your prospect. See how Vertical IQ’s Role-Based Prep Sheets act as a “study guide” to your prospect’s industry — from how they operate to what is relevant to them – not only gives you a mark of credibility as a salesperson, but helps establish a genuine sense of trust between you and your prospect.

Pitchbooks and Presentations

Your call preparation was enough to impress your prospect and solidify a meeting, but what happens next? How do you truly position your product and help separate yourself and your product from the competition?

The eBook explains how cookie-cutter formulas that follow the same old step-by-step, predictable formula, well, simply won’t cut it. It reiterates the importance of listening  to your prospect and positioning your product to focus on them, which comes easier with Industry Intelligence as a guide. It explains the importance of providing the industry-specific details and data that truly matter to the prospect.

Recognizing how to invoke this expertise in conversation – and establish trust with your prospect – is what will truly differentiate you.

Sales Proposals

After meetings and presentations you might think you’re top-of-mind enough because they have requested an official proposal. Easy, right?

Well,  not exactly. A standard proposal will give the prospect the basics – a summary, pricing, proof of concept, next steps, and more – and although this can be enough to get the deal across the finish line, simply winning a deal isn’t the goal. The goal should be to gain a long-term customer.

Including trends, challenges, benchmarks, and other industry-specific deliverables in you proposal – as Ace Your Sales and Marketing with Industry Intelligence suggests – reinforces why your prospect should chose you and shows you care about meeting their needs and challenges. After all, you’re in it for them – and going this extra step can help bring your prospect across the finish line, if they’re still on the fence about doing business with you.

Better Insights, Better Sales

The masters-level insight found in Ace Your Sales and Marketing with Industry Intelligence can truly help your sales team differentiate themselves from the first touch with a prospect all the way to the final proposal. In order to help ensure your prospects-turned-customers are in it for the long haul, you need to provide the most value possible every step of the way – and the actionable, convenient, and focused Industry Intelligence from the eBook can make that happen!

>> Download the eBook, Ace Your Sales and Marketing With Industry Intelligence, to see how Industry Intelligence can bolster your sales process and win you more deals!

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