Posted by David Buffaloe
Private Investigator – Name Undisclosed

Reports of strange occurrences in the world of sales and marketing are on the rise. For decades, dedicated professionals relied on a standard set of skills and sales tools to capture the attention of prospects, close deals, and keep customers coming back for more. Terrifyingly, those traditional tools and outreach tactics are failing, opportunities are disappearing – and sales pros are afraid. This is no time to lose sales.

Unable to ignore an escalating number of sales losses and growing unease experienced by so many across the business landscape, Vertical IQ stepped in to help solve this mystery. We managed to delve into a level of intrigue and sales insight you won’t believe – and are giving you unfettered access to the incredible secrets they’ve uncovered.

The usual suspects

Recognized sales enthusiasts and marketing leaders are emerging from the shadows to share their experiences. They’ve all encountered something strange – and their stories share remarkable similarities.

Using their tried-and-true Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems or even Sales Intelligence tools for data on leads, accounts, and contacts, they identified what seemed like the perfect prospect. After hours combing through tons of information on the web, it seemed they could make the case that their products and services would meet the needs of those potential prospects. Yet, for some unknown reason, they continually failed to win their business – and no one could figure out why.

Could it be possible that basic business data is no longer enough to adequately prepare you to seek out and secure the new and long-lasting customers you need to drive revenue? All the clues pointed in that direction, but many remained firmly convinced that a name, title, and a bit of business history should be enough to start, if not seal, a deal.

Facing the facts

As the facts of this investigation rose to the surface, everything became clear. If you want to win in 2021 and beyond, you must recognize the vital pieces missing from your sales and marketing processes.

While CRM, SFA, and Sales Intelligence tools tell you WHO to call, that’s not enough. You must know WHAT to say to capture their interest and win their business. That means fully grasping the complexities that shape how your prospect views their business, industry, and the world at large. The only way to do that is through Industry Intelligence.

With Industry Intelligence, you can go beyond WHO and get to WHAT is impacting prospects today, in a convenient and easily consumable format. But there’s a lot more to this story. While speculation still runs wild and theories abound regarding every lost deal, Vertical IQ is sharing all the secrets they’ve uncovered in a new eBook: UNSOLVED MYSTERIES of Losing a Sale. Read it to discover what’s missing in your sales process and unlock the nearly inconceivable value of Industry Intelligence across the entire sales cycle.

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