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It was a typical day when Michelle logged into Zoom for a meeting with a potentially huge new client. In calls to friends earlier that day, Michelle said she felt good. She had a broad understanding of their business and thought she had all the info she’d need to make a solid connection – and maybe even close a deal.

To prepare for the meeting, she’d cobbled together some basics from her trusty (though dusty) CRM and SFA systems and even stayed up late the night before Googling away hours hunting for reliable business data. She’d stumbled upon a few articles from business websites, newsletters, and industry publications she could share. Sure, they were dated, but they were about the same industry. So, she thought they should be good enough. But Michelle was not at all prepared for what would happen next…

Missing in action: The WHERE & WHEN

Just a few minutes into the call, her prospect asked for her perspective on their local economic business climate. This last quarter had been extremely difficult in their area – and they required highly specific and timely strategic insight tied to their regional and local economy to make accurate decisions now.

As the question was being asked, Michelle felt her body go numb. Frozen in place, she suddenly realized the outdated articles and general business info she’d spent hours searching for on the Internet were worthless. This prospect wasn’t going to rely on a generalist during a time that required current local and regional economic data to improve, if not save, their business.

To her absolute horror, Michelle lost the deal. She wasn’t truly ready for her call. She didn’t have any insight into the WHERE and WHEN so vital to addressing her prospect’s challenges. Lacking up-to-date and regionally specific information, she could not:

  • –Articulate local economic trends impacting their business
  • –Explore opportunities for business growth and transformation
  • –Align financial projections with today’s local economic realities
  • –Share insights on the impact of real-world events when they are happening

Sadly, Michelle is far from the only victim. Far too many sales and marketing professionals are missing the opportunity to help clients stay ahead of rapidly shifting markets and trends in their region. But Vertical IQ is on the case.

Explore the UNSOLVED MYSTERIES of Losing a Sale to find out how you can save yourself from a similar fate – and get a powerful checklist to take charge before, during, and after your customer and prospect meetings.

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