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Private Investigator – Name Undisclosed

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Another serious opportunity has disappeared in a decade riddled with mysterious sales losses. Witnesses reported seeing a seasoned sales team leaving the office of a CEO. Yet, when asked about their last interaction, the executive had no recollection of the sales team or their offerings. It was if they simply ceased to exist – and their potential deal was pronounced dead on arrival.

No need to call in the search party on this one. While sales notes reveal the team was armed with traditional sales tools, they lacked the Industry Intelligence required to make a memorable first impression, confidently close deals, and deliver measurable value. Their CRM system and old-fashioned sales intelligence tools failed to equip them with the ability to understand their prospect’s strategy, competitors, regulatory issues, industry risks, and market trends. Without that critical information and insight, they quickly became invisible to their prospect.

A Shocking Number of Sales Losses

Shocked by the sheer number of avoidable sales losses, Vertical IQ is now leading an investigation into the Unsolved Mysteries of Losing a Sale. In today’s far-from-normal business climate, top sales and marketing professionals are discovering they must go well beyond identifying WHO they want to do business with. The tools they’ve relied on for years are failing to help them win businesses.

Without Industry Intelligence, even the most experienced sales pros can’t fully understand or articulate the essentials, including:

  • WHAT is impacting prospects today, in a succinct and easily consumable (and shareable) format
  • WHERE businesses are positioned in a prospect’s regional and local economy to deliver highly relevant insight and targeted solutions
  • WHEN current events are impacting customers and prospects along with directions for moving their business forward
  • WHY prospects should choose their solutions and services to secure a more profitable business future

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